Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How to keep my feet looking great...!

Pedicurist or Podiatrist?

For many women going to a pedicurist is a way of life but for some it can cause a little discomfort in ones life. I have had a number of patients over the years who have come in with ingrown toe toes, nail fungus and skin infections which probably at the the pedicurists salon. The things that you should be aware of when you get your nails done is to make sure you bring your own instruments and basin to soak your feet in. That way you can control the environment your foot is being exposed to and prevent some of the common nail and skin problems that can happen to your feet. When getting your nails cut make sure the pedicurist cuts your nails straight across and then uses a nail file to round the edges of the nails. One of the most common causes of ingrown toe nails (which is like having a tooth ache) is when the corners of the nail are cut crooked it can grow out crooked and therefore cut into the skin causing lots of pain. Another cause is if your shoes are to pointed and tight the sides of the nails can grow in crooked. Nail fungus or in medical lingo onychomycosis is another common problem one sees coming out of a pedicurists salon. In order to prevent that from happening to your toe nails, bring in your own basin and instruments. That will eliminate the chances of contacting a fungus left behind by the last client.

If you develop an ingrown toe nail or nail fungus, contact your podiatrist and have those problems evaluated. Treatment is available to resolve those problems. If you have hard to cut thick yellow flaky nails or red swollen painful skin surrounding the tip and sides of the nails seek professional help and do not perform bathroom toe surgery. Having great looking pedicured nails can make you feel good all day long and knowing that you can prevent some of the more common toe nail problems from occurring will make you feel even better. For more information regarding your feet go to or