Monday, June 1, 2009


Summer has come upon us and it is time to take those long awaited vacations you dreamed about all winter long. Here are some shoe and foot tips to keep you walking and comfortable during travels. First DO NOT buy a pair of new shoes and take them with you on your trip unless they are fully broken in! That means they should be at least a few months old and have had enough wear that they are like an old friend.

A new pair of shoes can be stiff , uncomfortable and can cause blisters on your toes or on the back of your heel. Soft leather is always a better bet when buying a pair of leather shoes. Shoes can also irate an already existing foot problem like bunions, heel spurs, plantar fasciatis or hammer toes.

Make sure your shoes have a good support system and are well cushioned. This can either be by the support mechanism that came with the shoe, wearing custom made orthotics or over the counter arch supports such as Instant Arches. Buying a soft inner sole that you can place in your shoe can also make your shoes more comfortable. If you are using custom made orthotics always remove the arch system that is currently in the shoe and then place the orthotic in your shoe. If you want to make the orthotic more comfortable place a soft insole on top. This will give you cushion and support. The bottom line is you want to be comfortable and supported for those long days of site seeing.

Wearing sandals or flip flops is not recommended if you are walking for long periods of time because of the lack of support they provide. It is an easy way to develop blisters and arch cramps.

So, travel in comfortable shoes and you will not have to run to the foot doctor when you come back from your trip....!