Tuesday, October 6, 2009

WOW...Roll away your foot pain and body fatigue!

Many people suffer from heel, ball of the foot, ankle and other lower extremity muscle aches and pains. These problems over time can add up to a decrease in physical activity and excessive weight gain because it hurts too much to exercise or you’re a little stiff to put your best foot forward. Luckily for the exerciser, science has created a new type of shoe technology which is now available to help eliminate those annoying and nagging roadblocks that cause us to postpone exercise.

Shoes not only cover and protect your feet from the outside environment they also reduce the impact shock your entire body encounters with each step. We cannot always predict the type of surfaces we walk, stand or exercise on such as concrete, grass, dirt or asphalt. However, controlling your shoe wear is a very easy thing to do. New shoe technology has made exercising more fun. There are now shoes designed for both men and women with a rocker bottom outersole. The benefits of these types of shoes are many; they reduce the impact shock in the joints of your feet, ankles and knees as well as improving posture when walking. For those of you who have pain in the balls of your feet when you stand or walk this type of shoe should help relieve your symptoms. The rocker bottom outersole also reduces heel pain because it transfers your weight away from your heel. They also strengthen the muscles in your legs and buttocks, decreases body fatigue when standing for long periods of time and improves blood flow in your legs because your lower leg muscles are constantly firing causing increased circulation.

The two shoes that currently have this special rocker bottom technology are Shape-ups who are manufactured by Skechers and MBT shoes. These types of shoes are compatible with custom made orthotics or any over the counter arch support such as Instant Archesâ. So when you roll away during day, your foot pain and body fatigue may go away!